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Zircoza IS-TR-CZD Shade A2 ISO-Pressed Coloured Translucent Zirconia Disc

A Pre colored Zirconia material, specially used for the pre shaded crowns and bridges work, Grade: Zircoza Iso Pressed Translucent Colored (Preshaded) Zirconia Disc (Is-Tr-Czd) Shades Available- A1, A2, A3 Sintering Temp C: 1450 Transmission % As Per Shimadzu Spectrophotometer Uv2600: 36.5 Transmission % As Per Haze Meter: 43.4 Bending Strength Mpa: >1000 Sintering Body Density (G/Cm^3): 6.1

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₹ 3,539.00 8,000

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